When Authenticity Meets the Stage of Beauty

The philosophy behind Virgo Cosmetics is simple: every person has a unique beauty that deserves to be celebrated. Through innovative formulas that embrace diversity and enhance individuality, Virgo Cosmetics aims to transform the way people perceive and experience their beauty.


Beauty On Stage

“Beauty On Stage” represents more than a slogan; it is an invitation to live every moment with the awareness of being in the spotlight, promoting the importance of presenting oneself to the world with authenticity and pride.


According to creative director Lorenzo Marchetti, beauty should be a liberating and inclusive experience, such that everyone can express their individuality without fear. Each product is designed as a means for each person to put on their own personal beauty show, with a range that includes make-up suitable for every skin tone, style and personal preference.


Every nuance, every contour, every distinctive feature is celebrated. There is no such thing as a standard.